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Zemos Trade

Our company provides an end-to-end trading solution to our customers. We are constantly engaged in growing our sourcing base while adhering to quality and food safety standards.

Welcome to
Zemos Trade

Your trust in our end-to-end solution fuels our ongoing efforts to not just meet, but exceed your expectations in every trade partnership.
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Zemos Trade is a globally integrated trading company providing bulk commodity trading solutions to partners (both suppliers and buyers) across the globe. We are a team of professional wholesale traders of agricultural products, machinery, and other goods.

Our portfolio is diverse, but we maintain the same unique level of performance coupled with an unrivaled quality of trading and logistical services throughout our product groups.

1 – Agricultural trading is an important part of our business. We specialize in the wholesale of agricultural products, work clothes, protective agro textile.
2 – Also, a significant part of our business is trading in agricultural machinery (including navigation equipment for tractors), and machinery, equipment, and production lines for enterprises in various areas of the industry, including packaging lines, filling lines, production lines for finished products, etc.
3 – Thanks to an extensive customer base and a large number of contacts with suppliers, our company is successfully developing in the market for commission trading in various goods.


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Quality Products

Our products are rigorously tested to ensure optimal performance and consistent yields, allowing farmers to achieve their best results.

Environmentally Friendly

We are dedicated to sustainable agricultural practices that reduce the ecological footprint.

Cost-Efficient Solutions

Our competitive pricing structure ensures that farmers can access superior products and services without overburdening their budget.


We maintain open and clear communication regarding our sourcing, production methods, and supply chain.


What Clients
Say About Us

“Over the years that I have dealt with Zemos Trade, I have found them an excellent source for both unique and products of the highest quality. Not only are they fairly priced but their follow through and service are impeccable. ”

Rex Howell

“Always our pleasure to work with Zemos Trade. Great professionals, always on time with deliveries and very knowledgeable with import matters.”

Stefano Barbiero

“One of the most efficient distributors I have ever dealt with. The quality of the products are best in class.” 

Gerald Lacasale

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