Solar Power

Electric generators

Generators are useful appliances that supply electrical power during a power outage and prevent discontinuity of daily activities or disruption of business operations.

Having an emergency generator will allow you to keep the necessary appliances running in your home, like overhead lights, the refrigerator, and even medical equipment. That way, when the power does finally come back on, your household won’t miss a beat.  

What are the main benefits of having a generator set?

Electricity supply no matter what. Generator sets are meant for you to always have electricity whatever happens. This means that problems with the electrical network will no longer be critical for you, given that you will be constantly backed up by an autonomous generation solution which is 100% effective.

Farewell to losses: relying on the backup of a generator set in your business allows you to forget about time and productivity losses supposed by power blackouts.

More autonomy, more possibilities: when using an energy distribution solution such as a genset you are no longer dependent on the limitations imposed by the infrastructure of the electrical network. This means more peace of mind and, most of all, more freedom when it comes to conceiving your business projects and letting them fly.

It allows you more mobility: generator sets allow you to have a power supply in areas lacking an electrical network. Therefore, they eliminate obstacles when it comes to carrying out projects and they contribute to the development of remote or disadvantaged areas.

It is an investment which pays off: A generator set will give you an extremely valuable service and will continue to do so for a long time. Most certainly, with appropriate use and maintenance, you will have a safe, long-term investment.

More efficient energy production: statistics show that electricity losses in the Spanish network of transport and distribution amount to 8% of all available production. Using distribution solutions such as gensets, one manages to reduce such losses. Moreover, we contribute to avoiding overloads in the network during the peak hours.

Solar power

We convert solar energy from the sun into electricity and use it in our homes and business. In this era of renewal, solar energy has become the main topic. Do you know the interesting fact that with 1 hour of solar power we can meet the requirements for 1 year, but unfortunately we are able to use only 0.001% of this energy?
Solar technology is constantly improving, due to which our capacity for the abundant use of solar energy is increasing. According to a report by the International Energy Agency (2017), the use of solar energy has increased rapidly and the growth of solar energy is higher than all other fuels. The day is not far when we will all be able to unite and enjoy the power and other benefits produced from solar energy.

Top factors that describe the benefits of Solar Energy

There is some pollution during electricity generation or other sources of energy and it damages the environment due to pollution. On the other hand, there is no such difficulty in the origin of solar energy.

After solar energy came into existence and its increased use, the pressure on other energy sources has come down, which is a good sign for both the ecosystem and the environment.

Solar power systems do not require much maintenance. Just needs to be cleaned twice every year, but it should be kept in mind that cleaning should always be done by experts who know this work well. Inverters are also a part of the system, to be replaced in five to 10 years, that is, very little is spent on maintenance and repair work in addition to the initial cost.

Solar power is more secure than conventional power sources, whether it is for use or maintenance and repair.

Solar energy is actually a source of renewable energy. It can be used in every corner of the world, i.e. it is always available. Solar energy is a never-ending energy source

Since you will meet all your energy needs with electricity generated from solar energy, you will get relief from the huge cost of the electricity bill. How much you can save on your bill depends on your needs.

Solar energy is used for various purposes. Anything can generate electricity or heat (solar thermal) by solar energy. Can deliver electricity to areas without electricity, use it in factories, supply clean water, use it in household chores, use for space satellites.