Software & Equipment

Software and Specialised Equipment

Sooner or later, both the owner of a small farm and the engineer of a large agricultural holding think about installing a navigation device on their agricultural machinery.

This decision is prompted by the natural need to reduce the cost of plant protection products, fertilizers, fuel, seed. Also, thanks to the installation of the heading indicator of the parallel driving system, cross passages are reduced to a minimum when making, for example, herbicides, which positively affects the quality of the soil, and hence future crops.

GPS parallel driving systems are today’s advanced technology for tillage. Course indicators are promising for use with wide-grip aggregates. Tractor navigators allow you to minimize the percentage of costs and at the same time move in a straight line and in a curve. Navigation saves resources and time for agricultural producers, because it is the first step towards precision farming.

Attachments Equipment

The Zemos Trade also deals in attachments for agricultural machinery.

Agricultural machinery for planting is the attachment equipment of proven global manufacturers, thanks to which it is possible to speed up and facilitate planting and sowing, on different types of area, regardless of terrain conditions. Equipment for crop care includes the following equipment for agricultural machinery: cutters, sprayers, fertilizer spreaders, units for trimming bushes, watering cans for which our company provides a quality guarantee from the manufacturer.